WD Ultrastar Data102 Hybrid Storage Platform

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The 102-Bay Next-Generation Hybrid Platform for Software-Defined Storage

Designed for Extreme Density and Flexibility

WD Ultrastar Data102 Hybrid Storage Platform
¤ Up to 102 Hot-swappable x 3.5” drive bays (SAS or SATA)
¤ Up to 2.2PB raw capacity in 4U using 22TB HDDs
¤ Dual-port SAS for high availability or single-port SATA for low cost
¤ Enterprise-grade redundant and hot-swappable PSUs, I/O modules, and fans
¤ IsoVibe and ArcticFlow for improved reliability, cooling, and TCO

¤ 102 x 16TB WD Ultrastar DC HC550 Customizable!

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